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Welcome to Zone Planning Group, your dedicated town planning consultants Campbelltown and surrounding areas. Our team combines years of experience, industry knowledge, expertise, and innovation, to provide you with the most favourable outcome every time. We understand that accuracy is vital when it comes to town planning, and because our business knows the industry inside and out, we get exactly what we need to look for in order to make sure all the information for your project is spot on. Honesty and integrity is something that every member of our team is known for, so if you are ready to go with your project, you can contact our town planning consultants Campbelltown via the ‘Get In Touch’ tab or email [email protected] and you can experience everything we have to offer first hand.


Why Choose Our Town Planning Consultants

As a town planner Campbelltown, we will work on behalf of you to advise and assess your development plan for council approval, taking away the stress and hassle. Whether you are after approval for your house extension or a new housing development, we can get it sorted. As well as homes, we can also take care of more complex residential projects including but not limited to apartment buildings, townhouses, land subdivisions, dual occupancy buildings, and new masterplan communities. We also provide our services to commercial businesses and companies looking for advice and assistance with the paperwork required for retail, office, and industrial buildings, as well as aged care and retirement facilities, disability housing, childcare facilities, mixed use and residential tourism buildings, and more. We will be able to advise you quickly and efficiently if your development project needs work before compliance and council approvals go ahead.

efficiency and accuracy

Our Zone Planning Services Have You Covered

As highly skilled town planning consultants Campbelltown, we can take care of all your town planning needs. These include the preparation and assessment of development applications (along with all built form land use types and land development subdivisions), strategy and advice on your project, due diligence investigations and unauthorised activities, management and facilitation of your project, strategic planning and policy development, planning law evidence and general planning litigation, and preparation of waste management plans. When you need a town planner Campbelltown who can take care of it all, you can always trust Zone Planning Group.

Need To Get It Done? Get In The Zone

Here at Zone Planning Group, our town planning consultants Campbelltown are all about making your development proposal process as smooth as possible, taking away the responsibility and anxiety often associated with the costs and long approval processes. Our team has been in the industry long enough to know who we need to talk to, and the processes needed to get your development project underway so you can make it within your budget and timeline. You will see plenty of positive reviews online about the work a Zone Planning Group town planner Campbelltown has done for other clients, so don’t hold off, contact us and we can help you too!

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